Create and Manage your Business

Our consultants and actuaries assist you to formulate an effective capital management and business plan. Each APRA authorised insurer is required to submit a business plan to APRA annually.

We use our experience and knowledge of the industry to draft a plan which is pragmatic and which take into account current market conditions as well as the competitive landscape. To complement the qualitative planning, we use our sophisticated business forecasting models to make detailed projections of profitability and solvency.

We also work with you to develop monitoring tools which track progress against plans throughout the year. When working with start-up insurers, we help with the development of the business planning process with focus on helping them to develop their internal planning capabilities.

Whether you are considering entering a new line of business, or entering the insurance market for the first time, we can assist with planning, decision making and implementation.

For established insurers we can provide market and competitor analysis or provide support on a business case through to pricing of a new insurance product line.

For a new market entrant we can undertake strategic and business case analysis, complemented by provision of support for your prudential licence application. The development of governance and risk management frameworks and the provision of all Appointed Actuary requirements are essential for this process.

We also provide services to corporations considering self insurance as an alternative to existing insurance arrangements.

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